With the complicated situation of the novel coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19), the number of death and new infection has been increasing day by day at epidemic center Wuhan – China, it has spread into many countries in the world. Hengsan Vietnam has distributed thousands free face-mask to people in Hanoi.

Medical face mask – one of the important weapons used to limit the transmission of Covid-19 has become scarce and very difficult to buy at this time. Few people can think that 3 or 4 layers medical masks with price only 500vnd/piece at the time of few weeks ago and easy to buy at any pharmacy stores, but now it has becoming a must accompany of everyone and especially scarce.

To be continued with charitable programs of Hengsan Vietnam over many years, the Board of Director and all our staff have tried to find out and buy thousands of medical masks to organize the program “Free Face Mask” for all people and give special priority for elderly people and children who are vulnerable to the Corona virus due to their weak resistance.


The spirit of “the leaves protect tattered ones” has been good tradition for thousands years of Vietnam. We do hope with this practical program, it will quickly spread the movements to individuals, Organizations to join hands to repel and win the dangerous epidemic of Covid-19 that has been spreading globally now.