Hengsan Vietnam Company is the member of Hengsan Multisorb group in Malaysia and India. With a passionate and engaging community of leaders, enthusiastic and professional staff, distinctive corporate culture, history Stable growth, Hengsan has always affirmed itself as one of the leading units in the field of hygroscopic, oxygen absorber product and preservation of food.

With the motto “Always give customers the best solution”. All the leaders and staffs of Hengsan are committed to ceaselessly striving, upholding their intellect and creativity, maximizing the strength of collective solidarity, bringing customers satisfaction and outstanding values. Through the products and perfect service. In any field, our customers are satisfied with our tactical, creative, and extensive understanding of our industry. Along with consulting services, we always provide our customers with the best solutions.


Hengsan aims to become one of the pioneers in the field of preservation of goods in Vietnam. In addition to enhancing and developing the commodity preservation industry, we are constantly exploring and developing products to bring about a better and healthier life for consumers such as magnetic nanoparticles with the ability to absorb Toxic gas and unpleasant odors in the air.

  • For staff: Hengsan always thinks “the people are the precious assets of the country” and wants to become a second family to each member. So Hengsan always cares and creates the best conditions for every member of the company.
  • For customers: Hengsan always wishes to bring the best service to customers. With the slogan “bringing out the best solution for our customers,” Hengsan hopes customers always come to Hengsan for the best advice and problem solving.
  • For society: Bring benefits to society in a certain way in terms of health. Create jobs and a fresh environment as well as well-preserved products.