The quality of fats and oils deteriorates when they react with oxygen. Light and heat facilitate the oxidation
process, which continues even when products are frozen. Oxygen-free packaging using Sandry®  can prevent
the harmful effects of oxidization. (The peroxide number indicates the degree of oxidation of fats and oils. The
greater this number, the greater the degree of oxidation developing in fats and oils.)

Oxidation of food causes its color to change when  Packaging with Sandry® prevents the discoloration of food.


20cc, 30cc,50cc,100cc, 500cc, etc.


Moon cake, Sausage, Salami, Nut, Coffee, Pea,etc


  •  Select matching packaging, choose packaging material with low oxygen permability  20ml/M 2.24 H. 0, 1MPa.
  •  Ensure packing of food sealed when using products.
  •  Please select the correct type before using to ensure good product performance.
  •  This hot product is faster after exposure to air, better using after 1 hour.
  •  Attention to the durability of the seal margin to ensure that the packaging is not leaked.
  •  This product is not toxic, but cannot be used in a microwave, not edible.