Although CO2 gas is useful for the modified-atmosphere packaging of foods, excess CO2 accumulation in a package may be detrimental to the quality of the product or the integrity of the package, particularly in the case of CO2-producing foods, such as fermented foods and fresh produce. In those cases, including CO2 scavengers in food packages is beneficial for preserving the food quality and package integrity.

SANDRY® CARBON DIOXIDE ABSORBER ensures the safe consumption of the product by absorbing CO₂ in the food package as soon as they are produced and retain the flavor and freshness of the original product.


Kim chi, peeled garlic, chestnuts, coffee and all fermented foods.

Description: 20cc / 30cc / 50cc / 100cc.


  • Prevent the change of product packaging caused by CO2.
  • Retain the taste and freshness of food for long periods of time.