Clay Desciccant Sandry ® is also known as bentonite, the grain moisture  from the active clay. With the Crystal network structure consisting of the small dry hole has a effective moisture on low temperature conditions.

It is a kind of environmentally-friendly moisture, non-toxic, high economic efficiency.

At normal temperature conditions (below 50 °c) clay desciccant are able to absorb water up to 30% of its own weight.

Picture 1: Sandry Clay Desiccant

Why do Sandry ® Clay Desiccant choose?

Because the supply of silica gel is increasingly narrowed so the clay desiccant  is a sustainable alternative, the price is cheaper than silicagel should be economically effective.

Sandry ® Clay Desciccant  is not toxic, non-corrosive, long-term moisture time should be particularly appropriate in protecting goods transported by sea.

Picture 2: Preservation Cargo By Sandry Clay Desiccant