We have received many questions regarding oxygen absorbers and moisture absorbers. We understand there may be a slight confusion between the two but the most important things we should remember their function and application.

Oxygen absorbers (also known as Oxygen scavengers, oxygen absorbing packets) contain an iron powder formulation that becomes iron oxide in the presence of oxygen, eliminating or absorbing oxygen within sealed container to make oxygen concentrations in the packaging approximately equal to zero. They should not be confused with desiccants (moisture absorbers), which absorb moisture, not oxygen.
The oxygen absorbers are measured by cc, there is a variety of different size of absorbers, you should determine how much is needed for the container you want to preserve.  If you like to keep things simple, you can buy SanDry Oxygen Absorber from Hengsan Vietnam and you will not have to worry about food types and cc’s. The SanDry Oxygen Absorbers have variety type from 20cc, 30cc, 50cc, 100cc, 200cc, 500cc, etc.

Moisture can appear inside your storage container through temperature shifts, condensation from the humidity in the air, or from the moisture contained in the food itself. Moisture can cause damages to stored products both directly and by supporting growth of mold and other organisms. Desiccants can control the moisture level and helps preserve many things like food products, clothes, firearms, electronics, and anything else that could become damaged.
There are 2 kinds of desiccants. The traditional silica gel desiccants are acid-processed and chemically synthesized, which are not appropriate for all situations. Super Clay desiccants are natural and composed of a special clay. They are non-toxic, acid-free, environmentally-friendly and their effectiveness is revolutionary. SanDry Super Clay desiccants are water soluble, capable of absorbing up to 45% of its own weight. Active clay combined with polymers and Calcium chloride to help enhances absorption. SanDry absorbs moisture through a one-way, dust-free Tyvek bag, protecting from mold, insects, and other organisms. In addition to superior performance, you can feel secure knowing you are preserving with a safe, environmentally-friendly desiccant. SanDry desiccants are measured by gram, Hengsan Vietnam offer a range of types from 1gram, 2gram, 3gram,….50gram, 100gram, 1000gram, etc.

After this article, we do hope you should have clear understanding about oxygen absorber and moisture absorber to choose the most suitable one for your preservation purpose.

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