Vietnam is a tropical country therefore the humidity in atmosphere is very high, especially in rainy season, the humidity can be over 90% hence the high humidity is main agent causing damages for electronic devices.

The humidity do not affect our equipment immediately, but it will reduce the shelf life and quality of the devices. So how to protect electronic devices best?

Currently, the most effective and economical way to control the humidity for electronic devices is using moisture absorber applied by many electronics companies. No need to use expensive, cumbersome dehumidifiers, now we only need to use small desiccant sachets to preserve our devices in effective and economic way. It’s very easy.

Desiccant seeds are usually quite cheap (approximated 100,000vnd per kg) and it can be found in market easily. Currently, Hengsan Vietnam is providing two desiccant lines, mainly Silica Gel and Super Clay branded SanDry.

Silica gel is synthesized from a chemical reaction between Sunfuaric acid and Sodium Silicate, in the form of hard granules and there are countless tiny cavities in the grain. Silica gel is stable and inert chemical, it’s non-toxic and capable of adsorbing water thanks to the mechanism of capillary condensation in millions of tiny hollow cavities connected together, water vapor is attracted and attaches inside the particles. Silica Gel has a diameter of 1-5mm, works to absorb water to prevent the product from getting wet. Each silica gel has the ability to absorb water upto 40% of its weight.

Super Clay Desiccant is derived from natural minerals which are no dust, no leakage, no corrosive and non-toxic properties. Super Clay Dessicant is extremely safe and environmentally friendly due to its inert chemical properties and its natural origin. Super Clay is a water-soluble tablet which are capable of absorbing up to 45% of its own weight. Super Clay Desiccant is usally used to protect goods, food products, textiles, electronics, handicrafts …

After this article, we would like to share how to protect your electronic devices in simple way with high effectiveness. With our sharing we do hope it will be useful for all of you. If you have any inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us by hotline: 0901 701 702.