Sandry Oxygen Absorber and Super Clay Sandry Desiccant of Hengsan Vietnam are now counterfeited in market which directly affect to consumers.

In recent years, Hengsan Vietnam is pioneer in manufacturing oxygen absorber and super clay desiccant in Vietnam. With advanced technology transferred from Malaysian experts and high-quality materials imported and under modern production line, all products of Hengsan has affirmed the quality and used by FDI enterprises as well as leading food company in Vietnam . Hengsan Vietnam has been manufacturing export Super Clay Desiccant to electronic groups in the world such as: Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic,… With Sandry brand, Hengsan Vietnam has affirmed Vietnam brand name in both international and domestic markets.

To be one of the most consuming products in market now, hence there are fake Oxygen Absorber and Super Clay Desiccant under Sandry brand with very low quality. This will affect to food quality during preservation time which may cause economic damages and even health problems to Consumers.

Sandry products of Hengsan Vietnam Company have been registered trademark protection with exclusive design at Intellectual Property Office Of Vietnam. Therefore, the counterfeiting, copying and consuming this fake product will violate Vietnamese law.

We do hope customers will be smart consumers to evaluate and choose genuine products under Sandry brand. Hengsan Vietnam Company always wants to bring customers the best quality, effective and safe products in production and business.

Hengsan Product Range:

#Hengsan_Vietnam is a pioneer in the application of advanced preservation methods to keep the food fresh, safe and environmentally friendly. The comprehensive strategy of Hengsan Group focuses on intensive development of product range:

☞ Desiccant products- SanDry®

Silica gel (white, blue, orange), Clay (desiccant clay), …

Super Clay Dessicant (Super mineral dehumidifier), molecular sorbent, activated carbon, …

☞ Oxygen Absorber Products – SanDry®

Oxygen Absorber against oil, Oxygen Absorber for low temperature, …

Organic Oxygen Absorber, Oxygen Multisorb, …

☞ Air product group – # Super_Fresh®

Ethylene Absorber, Gaz Absorber (CO¬2, CO), alcohol diffusers, ….

☞ Magnetic Absorber product group, remove pollution and toxic gas – # Super_Cleen®, Super Fresh®

Volatile Organic Compounds Absorber (VOCs), formaldehyde deodorant…

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