Sandry oxygen absorber, Sandry desiccant

                Picture 1: Preservative nut, jam fruit by Oxygen Absorber


All food changes over time. Food does eventually become harmful or unpleasant to eat. Milk going so, fruit becoming mouldy and meat becoming putrid which can cause food poisoning.


Growth and activities of micro-organisms, principally bacteria, yeasts and moulds spoil food by growing in the food and producing substances which alter colour, texture and odour of the food, making it unfit for human consumption.


Oxidation, a common cause of food spoilage, changes the composition of food, especially fat and vitamin C. Oxygen from the air can oxidize unsaturated fats producing objectionable flavours and colors. Natural pisments such as the chlorophyll and carotenoids change their colors, which is promoted by light and heat. Besides, oxygen provides a favorable environment development for aerobic bacteria.


When the air humidity is higher than 10%, it will facilitate the growth of microorganisms, especially decaying bacteria and fungi. Not only that, it also absorbed into the food that changes the state and structure of food.

Moisture in inappropriate amounts and places is damaging to food.  Because of this, much effort is put into reducing the water content of dry foods in order to prolong their shelf lives.  Once it is reduced to the desired level the product can then be packaged for storage.

Other factors: temperature, light, mechanical impacts, etc


The main constituent of SANDRY® is a specially treated iron powder. SANDRY® is capable of absorbing or eliminating oxygen within a sealed containe to make oxygen concentrations in the packaging approximately equal to zero (about 0.2% or less). It creates an oxygen free condition, which helps prevent food deterioration and reduce the damage caused by oxidation. As a result, food is better preserved, or in other words, itss good tastes and freshness is still retained. Moreover, using SANDRY® helps retain the nutrition content of the original product for long periods of time.


SANDRY® moisture absorber is simple to use. It preseves the freshness of your products and prolongs their self life.