According to a report by Brand Finance in 2020, Vietnam is one of the countries with the fastest growth in National Brand value in the world (up 29% compared to 2019, reached 319 billions USD). As a result, the National Brand value has increased 9 ranks, reaching 33th in the top 100 most valuable national brands in the world.

Vietnam is also the only country in ASEAN to be upgraded in the global soft power rankings from 50/60 to 47/105 countries ranked according to the 2021 Global Soft Power Index. This is a huge opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises to develop their intrinsic strength.

Hengsan Vietnam is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing high quality oxygen absorbers branded SanDry produced from on advanced Malaysian technology. In 2020, Hengsan Vietnam put into operation the second factory in Vigracera Industrial Zone – Yen My – Hung Yen. Currently, SanDry oxygen absorbers has been trusted by most domestic food processing companies and successfully exported to markets in Japan, Korea, Singapore, USA, India, Brazil, Australia …

SANDRY® brands include:

– SanDry® Oxygen Absorbers

– SanDry® Super Anti-mold

– SanDry® Ingredients – spices for food industry

– SanDry® processing aids

Currently, Hengsan Vietnam is gradually building the Vietnam National Brand from the initial foundation. We have determined that the first step is to build pride and love for each employee as a culture of our own, because the building of pride will be a catalyst that connects individuals with individuals and individuals with the organization, improving work efficiency, thereby Company’s brand will also be upgraded. Besides, Hengsan Vietnam constantly builds Corporate Vision, Corporate Image, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), internal communication through practical and beneficial actions to the community such as: Participating in the Vietnam Gold Trade Promotion Fair, International Trade Fair – Expo, Conference on Vietnamese Brands with VCCI, Prime Minister talks with Enterprises .. We won the ASEAN Enterprise Award in two consecutive years: 2019 in Thailand and 2020 in Vietnam – Social Responsibility (CSR).


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