FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) is the most advanced food safety certification system in the food industry that is internationally recognized and most popular in the world today. The management system meets the standards of FSSC22000, is integrated from the management systems ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP. To achieve this Certificate, Enterprises must meet all the most stringent requirements according to the system standard FSSC22000.

As a business operating in the food industry, Hengsan Vietnam has recognized the importance of the application of the FSSC22000 system in production management and food safety. Therefore, since the second factory of Hengsan Vietnam Company came into operation, the company has built a management system according to FSSC22000 standard. Recently, Hengsan Vietnam factory has been recognized and granted FSSC22000 Certificate by SGS- Leading Certification Organization.

Achieving FSSC22000 certification is of utmost importance to Hengsan Vietnam, and demonstrates that Hengsan Vietnam has a strong and effective Food Safety management system, meet requirements of big customers and be able to bring the Made in Vietnam product to strict international markets such as the US, EU, Japan, … Consumers can completely trust the quality as well as the safety of SanDry Oxygen absorber, SanDryDesiccants, SanDry Super Antimold.

Hengsan Vietnam is known as the first factory to produce SanDry oxygen absorbers in Vietnam, our products are manufactured on advanced Malaysian technology. Hengsan Vietnam factory achieved FSSC22000 certification shows that although we are a pioneer in a new field in Vietnam, we are constantly striving to improve product quality as well as our position in the domestic and international markets.


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