With the goal of providing the most modern and optimal solutions to protect the health, intelligence of Vietnamese consumers, SanDry Oxygen Absorbers with high quality helps preserving foods longer, fresher and safer without entering directly into the body.

Hengsan Vietnam always wants to bring most innovative products for food industry. To welcome the new year 2020, engineers of Hengsan Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan have successfully researched the SANDRY ORGANIC OXYGEN ABSORBERS – a special product that has the following outstanding advantages:

Beside of inheriting all the common characteristics of SanDry Oxygen Absorbers such as: helping to preserve foods better by absorbing oxygen in food packagin to prevent the growth of microorganisms and mold.

SanDry Organic Oxygen Absorber is a special preservation method because it has the ability to absorb 100% of the oxygen in the packaged product, but after absorbing the oxygen, the SanDry Organic Oxygen Absorber has the ability to release CO2, same as the method of preserving food products: “MAP” – Modified Atmosphere Packaging, because CO2 helps limit the growth of bacteria and mold. However, the application of this preservation method will be very expensive because the cost of buying O2, CO2 and NO2 is very high.

Now there are some food items, agricultural products exporting to the US, EU and Japan must be checked through magnetic testing machines. If we use common oxygen absorbers for preservation, it will not pass the magnetic testing machine due to its materials derived from inorganic. The SanDry Organic Oxygen Absorber is made from natural ingredients with “Dual” effects that not only helps preserve foods but also helps agricultural products and food products checking the magnetic content when passing magnetic testing machine.

With all above advantages, Hengsan Vietnam has launched a new product –  SanDry organic oxygen absorber which can meet strictly requirements of both domestic markets  as well as international markets like: USA, Japan, Europe., ..

Hengsan Vietnam Co., Ltd specializes in supplying high-quality oxygen absorbers manufactured in Vietnam with modern technology transferred from Malaysia. We are committed to bringing the community the most advanced preservation solutions to protect consumers’ health.

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