Hengsan Vietnam Co., Ltd introduces high-quality oxygen absorber – SanDry manufactured in Vietnam for the first time which helps ensure safety for food process and customer’s healthy by using oxygen absorbers instead of food preservatives.

With our long time experienced experts in food industry, we have recognized the abuse of unknown origin preservatives which affect directly consumers’ health. SanDry Oxygen Absorber of Hengsan Vietnam has met all international standards, lengthens shelf-life of food without using preservatives.

Now, there are some similar products in market, but we have to import them from other countries such as: Japan, Korea, Taiwan,… with very high price. This causes food processing companies meet many difficulties in choosing and using which product to minimize costs.  SanDry Oxygen absorber is manufactured at Vietnam can meet diverse demand of food enterprises on packaging, size, … which minimizes costs and enhance  competitiveness for Vietnam products in both domestic and international markets.

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