With the continuous growth of Hengsan Vietnam Company, there is a significant contribution of Ho Chi Minh Representative Office. With advantages of young, enthusiastic and dynamic staffs, HCM Office has been exploring potential market in the Middle and South areas. With high-class product range Oxygen Absorber, Moisture Absorber branded Sandry, Hengsan Vietnam has been gradually conquered both international and domestic customers.

In order to meet the company development in general and Ho Chi Minh Office development in particular as well as bring favorable transaction office for esteemed Customers and Partner … From June 01st 2019, Ho Chi Minh Office of Hengsan Vietnam will be officially changed into new address as following:

Ho Chi Minh Office of Hengsan Vietnam: Thanh Thao Tower, No.35 Che Lan  Vien Road, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu Street, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0901 701 702

Tel/fax: 028 3815 1582

Email: hengsanvietnam@gmail.com

Hengsan Vietnam would like to express our sincerely thanks for all esteemed Customers and Partners who have been trusted and supported us over the time. We, Hengsan will continuously improve products in term of quality and quantity to meet sharply increasing demand of market.

Hengsan Product Range:

#Hengsan_Vietnam is a pioneer in the application of advanced preservation methods to keep the food fresh, safe and environmentally friendly. The comprehensive strategy of Hengsan Group focuses on intensive development of product range:

☞ Desiccant products- SanDry®

Silica gel (white, blue, orange), Clay (desiccant clay), …

Super Clay Dessicant (Super mineral dehumidifier), molecular sorbent, activated carbon, …

☞ Oxygen Absorber Products – SanDry®

Oxygen Absorber against oil, Oxygen Absorber for low temperature, …

Organic Oxygen Absorber, Oxygen Multisorb, …

☞ Air product group – # Super_Fresh®

Ethylene Absorber, Gaz Absorber (CO¬2, CO), alcohol diffusers, ….

☞ Magnetic Absorber product group, remove pollution and toxic gas – # Super_Cleen®, Super Fresh®

Volatile Organic Compounds Absorber (VOCs), formaldehyde deodorant…

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