Oxygen is the main agent causing metamorphism, mold, odor loss, rancidity or changing colors and delicious flavors for traditional cakes (fresh cakes) such as moon cakes, Pia cake, bread, sweet cakes, dumplings … after long time of storage.

The abuse of preservatives causes health problems, as well as affect to natural taste of the product. Now, new trend in preservation which highly developed countries such as Japan, South Korea, Europe and the US,….preferred is minimizing preservatives. One of the most preferred methods which manufacturers is using oxygen absorber to preserve food.

Now there are many ways to extend shelf-life such as vacuum, frozen, pumping inert gas, using preservatives. However, all of the above methods cannot create an oxygen-free environment in the packaging limit the growth of bacteria, yeast, mold …

Oxygen Absorber can remove all oxygen in the packaging to protect and preserve nutrients in food. Protected in an oxygen-free environment, after the long time storage, cakes will be as initial.

The reason why vacuum packaging is still need Oxygen Absorber: all packaging films have certain air permeability, more or less depending on the type. Therefore, the inside environment of packaging could be oxygen osmosis after long storage, the product quality will also be affected. So, We should use an extra Oxygen Absorber to absorb oxygen which is continuously osmotic through the packaging surface. With vacuum packaging, we can use small Oxygen Absorber to save costs.

Today, Hengsan Vietnam would like to send you a Video to guide how to use Sandry Oxygen Absorber to preserve Pia Cake

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