• Hengsan aims to become one of the leading in the field goods preservation in VietNam. In addition to enhancing and developing the commodity preservation industry, we are constantly looking for and developing products to bring about a better and healthier life for consumers.
  • For our staffs: Hengsan always thinks “People is definitely a nation greatest asset” and wants to become a second family for each member. So Hengsan is always interested in and creates the best conditions for every member of the company.Hengsan regularly organizes activities such as integration training, orientation so that each new member can quickly get beat and merge. In the course of work, each member receives enthusiastic guidance from colleagues and leaders. In addition, collective activities, team building is the opportunity to connect members and share experiences. Hengsan is the site of the innovative road building, creating an opportunity career development for personal.
  • For our customers: Hengsan always wishes to bring the best products and services for customers. With the slogan “bringing out the best solution in our customers” Hengsan hopes customers always come to Hengsan for the best advice and problem solving.Every member of  Hengsan is both perceived and conscious that the customer’s satisfaction is the first for success.
  • For society: Hengsan’s goal is not only to improve the quality of products but also bring benefits to community in a certain way in term of health. We look forward to building a community of modern lifestyles that is concerned with health and the environment, thereby creating a sustainable increase in living value for themselves and for society.