Hengsan Vietnam provides safe, convenient and economical solutions for pharmaceutical storage.

Pharmaceutical product directly affects human health so the preservation to prevent moisture, mold and metamorphism is very important. Vietnam Hengsan Company provides an effective pharmaceutical protection solution: Advanced Sandry Oxygen Absorber and Sandry Super Mineral Moisture Absorber.

These are two special product lines that are researched by leading experts of Hengsan Multisorb Group exclusively for the pharmaceutical field. Manufactured with premium natural materials by high-tech automatic production lines, Sandry Oxygen Absorber and Sandry Super Mineral Moisture Absorber not only have superior desiccant and oxygen absorption capacity but also environmentally friendly. . Especially, Sandry Oxygen Absorber and Sandry Moisture Absorber are absolutely safe, do not affect pharmaceutical quality during storage.

Now, they are preferred and widely used in many markets in the world such as: US, EU, Japan…


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