Moisture damage can take many forms. If left alone, moisture retained in containers and other packaging can cause many problems. Common examples include:

  • Degradation of active intermediates
  • Reduction in drug potency
  • Reduction in tablet hardness
  • Discolouration
  • Smeared tablet print
  • Development of unpleasant odours
  • Gowth of mould and mildew


Our Sandry oxygen absorber is protecting pharmaceutical, diagnostic, nutraceuticals, vitamins, nutrition and other healthcare products. In the pharmaceutical formulation, oxidation of proteins, vitamins and other API’s can affect the shelf life of packaging material and be causing undesirable side effects. For this solution Hengsan offers pharma keep oxygen absorbers, especially for pharmaceutical API’s packaging.

Sandry Desiccants are a critical part of the pharmaceutical process chain. The correct selection and use of a desiccant can prevent many problems occurring and ensures the integrity and performance of finished products, as this article illustrates.

Sandry products are one of the top product ranges in Vietnam, meeting the requirements of the most demanding markets such as Europe, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, etc.